Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Figure Mayhem!!!~

During my day off last week, headed to Chinatown area to search for Fatal Frame II & III (yea I'm desperately searching for that 2 games. @_@). So anyway, decided to drop by by China square, to search for the games there, sadly didn't find any of them, but I saw something more massive.. I'm a sucker when it comes to Chinatown, hardly go there and it was probably my first time in China Square. There were so many of these small shop booths setup and many items for sale. They got huge variety ranging from antiques to popular anime figurines. However what was more surprising is that most of these booths and shops put these popular Japanese figurines for sale and other toys and collectables.

I didn't know the trend was so big over here in Singapore, its like as if I entered a miniature Akihabara, haha. The whole place was crowded with people mostly either otakus or toy collectors, the whole place was like a flea market. I wouldn't say I wasn't tempted to buy a few for myself, but hey, I'm short of cash, so the only thing I could afford was walking around and looking at the figurines, cause you know.. its free. D=

Oh btw, did I mention that Ar Tonelico II came out recently in Japan (well at least I think so..), hope they do a english version for it. They got good artworks, not to mention the ladies too.. *.* Ah nearly forgot.. If I'm not wrong I think they are making an OAV anime ver. for this game. Maybe you guys can go watch when you're out of choices.

Ar Tonelico Trailer

Ar Tonelico II OP

39 more days..


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