Friday, February 08, 2008

Yuuri Morishita (森下悠里) sure looked great when she was young~~

like the title says, this gravure idols looks great now, but she sure looked like her best when she was younger! ^^ I don't mention about gravure idols here (since they bear no relation to illustrations, games or my daily life. But they ARE part of the "J" pop culture... hmm.. meh..), so this makes it the first. so anyway, here are some decent looking pics! ^^


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...I think I'm in love. XD


a dark premonition? I hope not.

first things first, a very Happy Chinese New Year to all ya folks out there reading this post. It's a bit late though. =/ its the 2nd day of CNY soo.. bahh. Anyway to keep things short (as I'm doing this post at the most odd hours) I didn't do that well for my O's so yea. Kinda low in morale now, but still keeping hope there. Tryin ta get into a private school known as NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts), wanna take their diploma in visual communications. So to get myself into that place gotta take test and maybe some interview with a portfolio. And I only have sketch books that I have used to train my drawings these years. No proper full scale drawings. T.T

soo anyway. visual comm they do stuff like a little web designing, illustrations (yay!), poster designing and other stuff. But according to the guide, it was something like that. (she was a pretty guide too ^^) Anyway their open house wasn't a very big scale one, not surprising since IT is a private school. They got tons of good computers there for designing, macs and window systems. Not to mention that cool Skylight room me and mel saw which was for the fine arts students there, awesome-ness~~

putting these aside, something abit towards the gamer side of me. Fatal Frame IV has an official debut announcement recently, not sure how long ago was that, but still worth mentioning since its a title I've been anticipating for quite a while. Fatal Frame IV or better known as, 「零~月蝕(つきはみ)の仮面」 (Rei: Tsukihami no Kamen), is a new sequel in the Fa
tal frame trilogy, though not much is known 'bout this game, those of you who understand jap can take a look here at gamespot Japan's web. This game is set for the Wii and no other announcement have been made for the other console systems, if I'm not mistaken this game will be released somewhere around summer '08!. Hopefully Tecmo will do one for the PS3 system too, ghost on HD graphics.. wooo!!~ freaky. @_@ anyway gotta turn in soon, but before that here are some of the screenshots.

「零~月蝕(つきはみ)の仮面」 (Wii)

alright folks, thats all Gamespot Japan has gotta offer for now. Hope they will update on some screenshots of the ghostly denizens of this game soon, cant wait! XD

credit goes to Gamespot Japan!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Figure Mayhem!!!~

During my day off last week, headed to Chinatown area to search for Fatal Frame II & III (yea I'm desperately searching for that 2 games. @_@). So anyway, decided to drop by by China square, to search for the games there, sadly didn't find any of them, but I saw something more massive.. I'm a sucker when it comes to Chinatown, hardly go there and it was probably my first time in China Square. There were so many of these small shop booths setup and many items for sale. They got huge variety ranging from antiques to popular anime figurines. However what was more surprising is that most of these booths and shops put these popular Japanese figurines for sale and other toys and collectables.

I didn't know the trend was so big over here in Singapore, its like as if I entered a miniature Akihabara, haha. The whole place was crowded with people mostly either otakus or toy collectors, the whole place was like a flea market. I wouldn't say I wasn't tempted to buy a few for myself, but hey, I'm short of cash, so the only thing I could afford was walking around and looking at the figurines, cause you know.. its free. D=

Oh btw, did I mention that Ar Tonelico II came out recently in Japan (well at least I think so..), hope they do a english version for it. They got good artworks, not to mention the ladies too.. *.* Ah nearly forgot.. If I'm not wrong I think they are making an OAV anime ver. for this game. Maybe you guys can go watch when you're out of choices.

Ar Tonelico Trailer

Ar Tonelico II OP

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Saturday, January 12, 2008


2nd post of the day, haha. Anyway just like what the title states, I got this book few days back, I'm a hardcore FFVII fan so it was sorta like an impulse buy =p, plus they had a special DVD that had a whole lot of upcoming Square Enix game trailers and also Square Enix trailers that are already out in the market. They have profiles for all the FFVII characters and also the seiyūs who did the voice acting for the FFVII series, like the famous japanese singer,
Gackt. the biography and info in the book is all jap so its gives me more motivation to learn that language in time to come, haha. But for now, I know nuts 'bout the book content, they're probably loads of interviews with the game producers or overviews of the specific games that were mentioned in the book like It's a Wonderful World (すばらしきこのせかい - Subarashiki Kono Sekai).

In short , all S.E fans should get this book if you're into collecting their merchandises. It's a good buy. But if you're not, forget it. It cost quite a bit. It's about SGD $51.90.

here are some video contents in the special DVD:

Final Fantasy XIII (extended trailer)

Final Fantasy versus XIII (extended trailer)

Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete (Blu-Ray ver.)



New Year gift #01, Flu Virus. v -.- v

First of all a very happy belated new year to all you people out there. Currently I'm down with a flu, and throat infection. The throat infection lasted nearly 2 weeks already. @_@ So lemme summarize what happened. New years eve, got body aches high fever and throat infection, didn't see a doc' still went out anyway with Dennis and gang *serves me right.. =_=* Next day could hardly move a muscle, was dragging myself to the doc's place to get a medical cert. to excuse myself from work, it was the 1st of Jan, what a day to get sick.. =_= got better the next 2 days which were my off days, coolio~. and went back to work. During this week one of my colleagues was sick so i didnt gave much thought bout it even though i still had a minor coarse throat. At the end of the week, I'm back here at home bearly able to move, and forcing myself to type this post and to update my cobweb-ed blog. *gimme a yay man. -.-*

but I guess its all for the better, except the fact that tomorrow happens to also be my off-day. hium is gonna suffer managing the whole store alone. Sorry hium, if you're reading this blog, I owe ya dinner for that.^^

Oh yea.. forgot to mention, not working at the airport anymore, to be exact, I didn't even start in the first place. Don't get me started 'bout talking about that job experience. It sucks and thankfully I didn't experience it first hand. But still.. don't wanna talk 'bout it. I wouldn't want a 5 paragraph essay on that. @_@ Currently I'm working at Cold Storage somewhere in SG. The environment isnt that bad, neither are my superiors. well except maybe for one. >.> The only bad pt 'bout the store manager he loves us part timers going extreme overtime. It may sound good at first with all the bonus cash. but.. its gets boring and tiring after awhile. -.- I mean during the week of X'mas I worked 'bout near 60 hours on that week. Talk 'bout ouch man. We part timers work longer than full timers man. Its real tiring, especially when the same cycle has been ongoing for the past 1 month+. Well I seriously hope our manager cut us some slack at least before the Chinese New Year period knocks in, its round da' corner. anyway.. time to click off, I'll try to update soon enough. hardly got time and too tired to do anything after I get back from work. gotta go rest now, I've got a feeling I'm gonna get hell when I get back to work.


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Saturday, November 24, 2007

target achieved? or so it seems..

seconds click by, dust bunnies fly high. clearing up 11 years worth of books is no joking matter alright. yes, 11 years, meaning elementary school books are still piling at the dusty corners with cobwebs all around it. well okay maybe it ain't that bad, but still.. dust bunnies have been freeloading that corner for a long time since.. uh.. beats me. =/ anyway ever since my major papers, da O's ended. life seems filled with the freedom of doing whatever ya want ya know. just that you know, every time before freedom gets to you, theres always this long list of "wanna-do stuff". when you finally receive what ya want, you cant really figure out what you want to or perhaps, have to do.

let me try to do a short list.

- clear out my stuff especially school books
- re-organize my space
- start practicing manga and get better
- get work and live life independently
- spend the remaining time I have, get a new habit like reading or something./play games.

right, that should be about it.

so far, hmm.. other than clearing and reorganizing my stuff, I've been gaming, gaming and gaming all day long. =_= But the good thing is, I'm starting work next week and I doubt I'll have anytime for myself like games and stuff, thats probably why I've been locking myself at home and playing close to 24/7. no life? yes I know. I just started drawing once again after some moral encouragement from melcolm, he's doing very well, haha. as for me.. I slacked off.. =p so yup my drawing skills dropped quite a bit. bah, well thats a lesson at least. "never give up!" Monday, work starts, gonna work at the airport, its far from where i stay but haha, doing it work a new working environment, not everyday you get to work on the airfield haha. honestly, I feeling kinda anxious, its my first time working so yea hope I don't screw up on that day. alright, I'm gonna click off for now, I'll try to change the whole blog theme and layout, its getting kinda boring, but that will take time too. hopefully i get it done before new year, a new year, a new layout. XD alright, I'll look forward to doing that. but for now.. *click*

what is life when it has lost it's meaning?
why not just live it to it's fullest?



Friday, September 14, 2007

the arrival of my 17th year of living and 1 more month to go!

it's a bit late but ya, my 17th birthday past a few days back, and with the preliminary exams over now, catching my breath wouldn't be so tough.. whew.. my so called "free days" are drawing to an end, that means no more getting up late, haha! but still managed to cram the things i want to do, friends, drawing, games, studying. bah. enough 'bout the usual stuff. well, 1 more month to the majors! w00tz! wish me luck! XD *freedom awaits!*

*oh right got a Wii for my B'day too! BANZAI! XD*

right, 'nuff said, today's topic is gonna be a little more emo and stuff, so yea bear with it. Sometimes it just hits me hard how does it feel to be in a real relationship, not your ordinary puppy love crap but when you guys really have something for each other. I know what the adults would usually say would be like, "Don't bother 'bout these things at your age, you're too young for it." At a certain perspective that would be true, but hey, humans are all curious especially when you hit your teens. Things of the "love" genre always kill me, cause many things in the past that happened will always get back to me somehow, be it novels, movies or even manga, they just get their way around me. Well, after reading this manga called "Lilim Kiss" today, it taught me something 'bout true love, or somewhat like that (though I still have yet to figure out what it is @_@), okay putting aside the totally wierd and out-of-the-world story line, i mean it always makes u envious and all seeing couples in love especially since one of them is a hunk and the other is a beauty. mehh.. I guess i stayed in the world of fantasy for too long, so much that I get all lost and messed up and probably got upset 'bout the real world. =/ Also for some reason, after read/watching these stuff I will usually tend to look at things at a much wider span, and also feel that there is so much more to life than what I am doing and thinking at that particular moment. It's depressing. D=

anyways, I'm not doing this post to get your sympathy or anything, just wanted to know how it feels, probably because every time after I read about love/romance I always end up feeling all lonely and lost that sometimes it hurts emotionally. Bah. I guess some things are just worth waiting, don't ya think? heh.. ;p

- on a busy district that is created in black & white,
don't let the the rowdy streets intimidate you,
let not the voices of the astray lead you to the darkened back alleys,
after all, the decision lies within the artist to pick up his brush
and colour this canvas of life.

..I feel better now. *_*



Sunday, September 02, 2007


whew.. preliminary exams drawing to an end, both a good and bad thing. =/ it's good because you get to rest a bit, bad 'cause the days ahead will just get more boring and tedious as the main exams draw closer. well, I promised to continue revising after this weekend, I just wanna have some fun time, so lets see.. I'm only left with just 1 more paper which starts after the short one week term break, combined science paper 1. ugh.. well, enough 'bout exams, it makes me all blurry.. @_@

for the pass few days, spent some time with some of my friends, headed for the arcade, chilled out at my friend's house, nothing big. BUT! what was big was WHAT we saw at the arcade, Beatmania IIDX 14 GOLD finally hit local shores for the first time! XD (or am I wrong? bah.) well, I'm just real happy I finally get to play this at one of our local arcades, although its all the way at Bugis Junction, but whos complaining (not me at least), cool neon lightings, cool buffer sound systems, a platform for you to stand on when playing, you actually feel the beat of the music moving through where you're standing, an absolutely new feeling compared to the older Beatmania machines. In my earlier posts I've already explained the gameplay so, yea not gonna talk 'bout it. its challenging and fun! XD

started playing another game too, Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3, techniquely this is my first racing game I've played since Daytona USA O_O (mann how old is that..) its pretty cool, still gotta get used to switching gears, and getting my way through sharp turns. I know to some of the arcade-goers I may sound noob, but hey gimme some credit, my first racing game in a very long run, haha. but I hate my screwed up name on my card, stupid pedal just clears my whole name when I want to confirm it (pretty sure I was hitting on the accelerator, argh! so I got some silly name instead. not gonna talk 'bout it. this whole arcade is starting to get a little addictive for me @_@, need to control!

but oh well, theres still want to try out a game tt Melcolm-san is play, its called Arcana Hearts, heard his comments, saw some video on youtube, saw the characters at the main website, im set to play it now =_=. yet another way to blow a hole in my pocket, 2 bucks/game for Beatmania and Maximum Tune 3, not sure 'bout Arcana Hearts though, hopefully it's cheaper. virtual entertainment sure are getting expansive, it drains your life and money.

..meh, like i'm one to talk.



Saturday, August 18, 2007

- melancholy -

- clinging on to yesterday's desire for tomorrow,
the future was far too enticing to be ignored.
theories, scriptures, prophecies seemed all to well within reach,
but even at times, the facade within one's mind can be misleading,
even life has its own order..

the chains of time binds down the ideals of men,
men's knowledge over his own heart is limited,
in contrast to its boundless yet simple structure.

men are brazen covenanter of another's life,
once the covenant is broken,
the safeguard of pride shatters momentarily.

emotions embrace this foolery of men with its deceitful arms,
in possession of his ideals and dreams,
it changes the state of mind to a twisted form,
a horrid state that will cripple the heart with fear.

at the brink of dawn,
darkness hides within it's curtain of deceit,
whimpering within these hidden walls.
it's words of sorrow echoed through the whispers of an unheard breeze,
in search of it's acknowledgement from a benevolent maiden.

one of my darker poems that i have written so far, not even sure if it can be even be called a poem, sound like a bunch of emo ranting that came from my head and are mashed up together. bahhh... figured i should drop by and write something, since its been long since I've written anything here. life for me now... how do i put it.. =/ frankly, isn't at it's best right now, so yea, 'nuff said. heading off to study, wish me luck for the preliminary examinations.



Sunday, July 08, 2007

time waits for no one indeed.

yup, you guys probably got tired of me apologising for not updating for so long, blah blah blah. so I'm not gonna do it this time =), it saves us all the time don't ya think? I've got loads of things to talk 'bout, since I haven't been updating for so long, and I'm starting to wonder if my template is collecting dust, or worst, a home for the dust bunnies.. eep! D= (yea ironic that I said I wouldn't be wasting your time. =_=)

lets start off from today, went to a friend's house to pay him a visit, he just got chicken pox cause this is the first time he has it, anyway he won't be going school for a while, like 2 weeks?! o_O and like the O' level orals are like in a few days time, talk 'bout bad timing. =/ hmm.. ohh right! nearly drifted off today's topic, I finally quit Granado Espada, lol it was addictive alright, but I figured it took away too much of my time, and it was starting to bore me, everyday life in the game seems to become more of a routine/chore rather than the fun I was expecting. well, it IS an MMORPG game, so nothing surprising. I'm just curious how can hardcore players of this genre get so into the game that they can stick with the game for so long. I'm just glad I left the game early enough to start on what I have to do, major exams are coming, my days are numbered and theres just so little free time to do what I usually want to do. sigh. not to mention I'm currently in this self-study program that the school has just started last year, sounds helpful ya? I agree, but the timing just isn't right. =_= I mean, after 7 hours in school, I have to stay for another 3-4 hours?! the school says its a period we should push ourselves to the limit, which is a big encouragement(actually, I'm lying. =p), but this is just too tiring. well the good news is, its only 3 times a week. not too bad I guess.

well, thats pretty much what I have to say for now, don't worry, I'll talk more 'bout any events that happened when i was away at the next post, if I remember that is.. =_=



Wednesday, May 16, 2007

silence is... golden?

right-o, its been a while since I did a real post, its been a little quiet around here. ironically this place is supposed to be quiet, since its called "Tranquil Sanctum".. =_= *figures...* the pass few days, or should I say weeks to be exact were the busy periods, mid-year exams was in place, so there wasn't much I could do but study, other than that, break time was devoted to 'Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion', its a cool game trust me. =p

actually I could have done this post at an earlier date, because after the last paper for mid year, there was this 2 days free from school due to allignment day and marking day, which was on a thursday and a friday, following by the weekends, making that a 4 days break! (how cool can this get! XD) Well, the reason for not doing this post is.. i was addicted to Oblivion, couldn't stop playing, the quests were too addictive, now that i think about it, that addiction is starting to scare me. D= so yea by the time I stopped playing the game, it would usually be around 12-1am? well, you can say, "why not do it after your game?", well.. thats because I hate doing my blog posts late in the night
for some reason which I myself do not know why. Secondly, what makes you think I have the energy to post something interesting after spending bout 8-9 hours on that game? o_0 (yup thats how long I played that game)

ok, so pushing the pointless ranting aside, I'll try to do a recollection of what has happened for the past few days. lets see.. Mr Ezal had his really cool wedding last saturday, it was grand in its own way, music themed wedding, great food, cool LCD TV (only those who went would know =p), it was totally awesome. It even came out on the malay newspapers the next day, forgot what its called. annd sunday was Mother's Day, had the usual annual celebration at my house for my grandmother and yea all of my aunts and of course I bought something for my mum. I'll post some pics on this post, if I have the time or even be bothered to. =/ I think this is about all the stuff that happened recently..

...or so says my mind, meh. =/

a tear for yesterday's memory,
a smile for tomorrow's way,
don't turn back..
switch off the lights,
listen closely to the silence,
take a deep breath,
cast away any lingering memories that haunt you,
down to the very depths of oblivion,
and charge on with an adrenaline rush.

once again another slipshot phrase, I'm getting lazier by the day. =p



Tuesday, May 01, 2007

- azure skies -

the skies of tomorrow won't be the same as yesterday's,
neither will time stop for this moment,
only fated to become a vague yet beautiful memory.
but unlike a memory,
hope drifts along the ever-changing skies,
in search of yesterday's azure skies.

so yup. this marks the end of my 7 days report. be back after the mid years are over, there are still a handful of papers left to go through. till then.



Sunday, April 29, 2007

- hollow depths -

it divides you from others
deep as a bottomless pit,
wide as a valley,
acknowledgement longs to fill the gap between
bottomless as it may seem,
but it may also be a way to connect you with others,
they call it opportunities.
it may be difficult,
but as long as you have friends,
you will never have to fear being alone anymore.

lol, i edited this short phrase that i did long ago over at msn space, i got lazy to think for this one. =p



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