Friday, February 08, 2008

a dark premonition? I hope not.

first things first, a very Happy Chinese New Year to all ya folks out there reading this post. It's a bit late though. =/ its the 2nd day of CNY soo.. bahh. Anyway to keep things short (as I'm doing this post at the most odd hours) I didn't do that well for my O's so yea. Kinda low in morale now, but still keeping hope there. Tryin ta get into a private school known as NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts), wanna take their diploma in visual communications. So to get myself into that place gotta take test and maybe some interview with a portfolio. And I only have sketch books that I have used to train my drawings these years. No proper full scale drawings. T.T

soo anyway. visual comm they do stuff like a little web designing, illustrations (yay!), poster designing and other stuff. But according to the guide, it was something like that. (she was a pretty guide too ^^) Anyway their open house wasn't a very big scale one, not surprising since IT is a private school. They got tons of good computers there for designing, macs and window systems. Not to mention that cool Skylight room me and mel saw which was for the fine arts students there, awesome-ness~~

putting these aside, something abit towards the gamer side of me. Fatal Frame IV has an official debut announcement recently, not sure how long ago was that, but still worth mentioning since its a title I've been anticipating for quite a while. Fatal Frame IV or better known as, 「零~月蝕(つきはみ)の仮面」 (Rei: Tsukihami no Kamen), is a new sequel in the Fa
tal frame trilogy, though not much is known 'bout this game, those of you who understand jap can take a look here at gamespot Japan's web. This game is set for the Wii and no other announcement have been made for the other console systems, if I'm not mistaken this game will be released somewhere around summer '08!. Hopefully Tecmo will do one for the PS3 system too, ghost on HD graphics.. wooo!!~ freaky. @_@ anyway gotta turn in soon, but before that here are some of the screenshots.

「零~月蝕(つきはみ)の仮面」 (Wii)

alright folks, thats all Gamespot Japan has gotta offer for now. Hope they will update on some screenshots of the ghostly denizens of this game soon, cant wait! XD

credit goes to Gamespot Japan!

18 more days..



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