Friday, September 14, 2007

the arrival of my 17th year of living and 1 more month to go!

it's a bit late but ya, my 17th birthday past a few days back, and with the preliminary exams over now, catching my breath wouldn't be so tough.. whew.. my so called "free days" are drawing to an end, that means no more getting up late, haha! but still managed to cram the things i want to do, friends, drawing, games, studying. bah. enough 'bout the usual stuff. well, 1 more month to the majors! w00tz! wish me luck! XD *freedom awaits!*

*oh right got a Wii for my B'day too! BANZAI! XD*

right, 'nuff said, today's topic is gonna be a little more emo and stuff, so yea bear with it. Sometimes it just hits me hard how does it feel to be in a real relationship, not your ordinary puppy love crap but when you guys really have something for each other. I know what the adults would usually say would be like, "Don't bother 'bout these things at your age, you're too young for it." At a certain perspective that would be true, but hey, humans are all curious especially when you hit your teens. Things of the "love" genre always kill me, cause many things in the past that happened will always get back to me somehow, be it novels, movies or even manga, they just get their way around me. Well, after reading this manga called "Lilim Kiss" today, it taught me something 'bout true love, or somewhat like that (though I still have yet to figure out what it is @_@), okay putting aside the totally wierd and out-of-the-world story line, i mean it always makes u envious and all seeing couples in love especially since one of them is a hunk and the other is a beauty. mehh.. I guess i stayed in the world of fantasy for too long, so much that I get all lost and messed up and probably got upset 'bout the real world. =/ Also for some reason, after read/watching these stuff I will usually tend to look at things at a much wider span, and also feel that there is so much more to life than what I am doing and thinking at that particular moment. It's depressing. D=

anyways, I'm not doing this post to get your sympathy or anything, just wanted to know how it feels, probably because every time after I read about love/romance I always end up feeling all lonely and lost that sometimes it hurts emotionally. Bah. I guess some things are just worth waiting, don't ya think? heh.. ;p

- on a busy district that is created in black & white,
don't let the the rowdy streets intimidate you,
let not the voices of the astray lead you to the darkened back alleys,
after all, the decision lies within the artist to pick up his brush
and colour this canvas of life.

..I feel better now. *_*




At 8:27 PM, Blogger Zeepish said...

Japanese mangas (as in mangas in the original Japanese language) are expensive. I remember checking out for their prices in Kinokuniya just two weeks ago and they cost almost 10 bugs per book. I prefer buying their Taiwan counterparts which is like 6 to 7 bugs per book although they are published a tad later than the Japanese original ones.

At 7:02 PM, Blogger 轡田.俊平 said...

yea man. but i'm not good with my chinese, lol. Mangas that chuang yi doesn't do for english, I just read it the "alternative" way.


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