Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jamming Session in progress!

I've been away for awhile due to workload and tests, and majorly because of stress! thank goodness there isn't any lessons tomorrow, which is a good thing! but then again, theres the dreaded annual Cross-Country race at MacRitchie Reservoir, not to mention its quite a distance from where I'm staying. =_= annd!~ since its my last year in secondary school, I'll do my best!~ in walking that is! XD well, looking on the bright side, I can actually take a breather after a long week! phew!

anyways, todays post isn't really 'bout all those trivial matters. for all you rhythm fanatics (yup thats me ^^) out there, I have good news for you! DJ Max portable 2 is coming out this year for the PSP! and from what I know from a reliable source, there will be 150+ new songs for the new game, and the best part of it is that DJ Max 2 is a PSP exclusive game, which most likely mean that the soundtracks in it will be exclusive only for the PSP, unlike the first DJ Max portable which had most of its soundtracks ported over from the popular DJ Max Online. for those who haven't gotten their hands on a copy of DJ Max portable, I strongly recommend you to get it while waiting for DJ Max portable 2. Its a very good game, and extremely addictive. if you don't get it, you're missing out on the good stuff! for some of you out there, the whole news on DJ Max 2 may be old news to you, but it wouldn't hurt to share right? ^^ anyways, here are some screenshots.



Saturday, January 06, 2007

a day to be remembered..

today is probably the best day of the year so far (due to the unfortunate trivial matters that has been happening for the past few days), anyways I went for a exchange field trip organised by the Japanese cultural school where I had my manga lesson last holiday. it was one heck of a day!~ I mean how often do you get to go out with friends from another country, and for my case, they're japs.~ (japs are cool~)

but it wasn't an all "happy-go-lucky" thing, we had to help them with completing their assignments which was given during the briefing before we left for the field trip. the topic was about finding more on Singapore's heritage (..or it was something like that, I forget. =_=) things didn't go very smoothly, we had a major language barrier between us, it was really difficult to communicate with them, the tour around Singapore that we gave them wasn't even considered good at all, because they didn't look like they were enjoying themselves at all, for that.. I feel kinda bad. =/ we couldn't explain to them about the places of historical interest, again because of the language barrier, and my group and I didn't really socialise with them, AGAIN! because of the language barrier. argh! although we didn't get to know much about them, but it was a very good experience, we managed to make some new friends along the way, jap ones and some other local ones that were also helping out in the event. and in the process, we also learnt many things about the heritage of Singapore (I'm not much of a person that visit historical places. =p)

after the whole field trip, we had dinner at Inoue-san's house. (he is the principal of the school where I learnt manga) we got together, well me and melcolm tried to get the e-mail and contacts from our Jap friends, but sadly they either don't have an E-mail account or a computer and we didn't have enough time to get their addresses because the bus that was going to fetch them back to the hotel had already reached. soo, we didn't really get any contacts from them, its kinda sad.. but at least I know we will remain in their memories.

though we may only cross each others path this once,
but our silhouettes will remain in each other as a distant memory.



Tuesday, January 02, 2007

the birth of a new and dreadful semester

alright-o, its a new year and everything will turn out great! (well its suppose to be, dammit. =_=) time goes by so quickly, it just felt like holidays just began yesterday. (I'm serious) why is that so? because I still have a load of things that I want to do, but I've not done them yet. and not to mention there are some holiday assignments that I've yet to complete. and uhh.. what? school reopens tomorrow? okaaayy...

...whats a school??? @_@

but well, it is also not all that bad, at the very least you still get to see your friends. lessons aren't all that bad either, it just depends on the moods I guess. the worst part 'bout school is probably the exams, it kinda deprives you from your everyday life, in various ways.. and I'm entering the final years of my secondary school life, and theres this BIG exam at the end of the year, which kinda stinks. its a single piece of paper that will determine the fate of your future and career, its kinda silly if you ask me. i'm not gonna say anymore, because I wouldn't want the authorities knocking on my door anytime soon. =X

school is okay, but exams are a bummer..


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