Sunday, July 08, 2007

time waits for no one indeed.

yup, you guys probably got tired of me apologising for not updating for so long, blah blah blah. so I'm not gonna do it this time =), it saves us all the time don't ya think? I've got loads of things to talk 'bout, since I haven't been updating for so long, and I'm starting to wonder if my template is collecting dust, or worst, a home for the dust bunnies.. eep! D= (yea ironic that I said I wouldn't be wasting your time. =_=)

lets start off from today, went to a friend's house to pay him a visit, he just got chicken pox cause this is the first time he has it, anyway he won't be going school for a while, like 2 weeks?! o_O and like the O' level orals are like in a few days time, talk 'bout bad timing. =/ hmm.. ohh right! nearly drifted off today's topic, I finally quit Granado Espada, lol it was addictive alright, but I figured it took away too much of my time, and it was starting to bore me, everyday life in the game seems to become more of a routine/chore rather than the fun I was expecting. well, it IS an MMORPG game, so nothing surprising. I'm just curious how can hardcore players of this genre get so into the game that they can stick with the game for so long. I'm just glad I left the game early enough to start on what I have to do, major exams are coming, my days are numbered and theres just so little free time to do what I usually want to do. sigh. not to mention I'm currently in this self-study program that the school has just started last year, sounds helpful ya? I agree, but the timing just isn't right. =_= I mean, after 7 hours in school, I have to stay for another 3-4 hours?! the school says its a period we should push ourselves to the limit, which is a big encouragement(actually, I'm lying. =p), but this is just too tiring. well the good news is, its only 3 times a week. not too bad I guess.

well, thats pretty much what I have to say for now, don't worry, I'll talk more 'bout any events that happened when i was away at the next post, if I remember that is.. =_=



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