Saturday, November 24, 2007

target achieved? or so it seems..

seconds click by, dust bunnies fly high. clearing up 11 years worth of books is no joking matter alright. yes, 11 years, meaning elementary school books are still piling at the dusty corners with cobwebs all around it. well okay maybe it ain't that bad, but still.. dust bunnies have been freeloading that corner for a long time since.. uh.. beats me. =/ anyway ever since my major papers, da O's ended. life seems filled with the freedom of doing whatever ya want ya know. just that you know, every time before freedom gets to you, theres always this long list of "wanna-do stuff". when you finally receive what ya want, you cant really figure out what you want to or perhaps, have to do.

let me try to do a short list.

- clear out my stuff especially school books
- re-organize my space
- start practicing manga and get better
- get work and live life independently
- spend the remaining time I have, get a new habit like reading or something./play games.

right, that should be about it.

so far, hmm.. other than clearing and reorganizing my stuff, I've been gaming, gaming and gaming all day long. =_= But the good thing is, I'm starting work next week and I doubt I'll have anytime for myself like games and stuff, thats probably why I've been locking myself at home and playing close to 24/7. no life? yes I know. I just started drawing once again after some moral encouragement from melcolm, he's doing very well, haha. as for me.. I slacked off.. =p so yup my drawing skills dropped quite a bit. bah, well thats a lesson at least. "never give up!" Monday, work starts, gonna work at the airport, its far from where i stay but haha, doing it work a new working environment, not everyday you get to work on the airfield haha. honestly, I feeling kinda anxious, its my first time working so yea hope I don't screw up on that day. alright, I'm gonna click off for now, I'll try to change the whole blog theme and layout, its getting kinda boring, but that will take time too. hopefully i get it done before new year, a new year, a new layout. XD alright, I'll look forward to doing that. but for now.. *click*

what is life when it has lost it's meaning?
why not just live it to it's fullest?



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