Sunday, December 31, 2006

the past, the present, the future...

alright, from where I am right now, its will be in an hours time before its the new year! well frankly speaking, nothing feels different, its feels just like any other ordinary day if you ask me.. =/ nothing feels different, I doubt I even changed much. (call me boring if you will..) annnd, I havent been posting anything new these few days, well.. haha because I felt rather lazy, secondly, I've been busy trying to rank up in Battlefield 2142.. lol. so, lets see whats new recently. hm..

27th December'

I just got my first rhythm game for my PS2, and I'm pretty sure you guys reading will be quite familiar with the series, its called "Beatmania IIDX RED". Theres nothing much to talk about this game, since its like most rhythm games, you play to the beat!~ Anyways, the soundtracks in it aren't that bad, and the various modes in the games lives up to the reputation of its predecessors. and I'm rather new to the seven button controls, I've been playing the old Beatmania at the arcades, those with the traditional 5 button controls. I'm not really updated on the Beatmania series.. eheheh.. ^^; well, here are some screenshots.

28th December'

its the opening day for Death Note: The Last Name, and I had a chance to watch it on the day itself too ^^. and I'm quite surprised, according to Jeremy most of the seats were booked, and so far from what I saw, there were actually many seats filled up by working class people! anyways I only have one thing to say about the movie, the scriptwriter did a really good job with the script. although it was a little rush, but still, I'll give him credit for it. I'm not going to touch on the content of the movie, but do watch it! its worth ya money!~

- so anyways, this pretty much wraps it up, when you guys read this, its probably the year 2007, may all your new year resolutions come true!~



Thursday, December 28, 2006

its ALIVE!?!

"go to the museum! it is the place where history comes alive!", now that certainly sounds cliche, or corny. but just for today, its kinda true! XD well I caught a movie with my mum today (and its been a long time since shes been to the theatres, believe man, you wouldn't wanna know.), had dinner with her at The Cafe Cartel over at Plaza Singapura, then it was off to that new Cathay building which wasn't too far from where I was having dinner.. well anyways, thats besides the point, the movie that we were watching was "Night of the Museum", Adam Sandlers was playing as the main role (that guy never fails to crack me up! XD), it was a damn hilarious movie. Well you peeps out there who haven't watched it yet, go watch it! its worth ya money! and if you guys are looking for introductions or reviews, go on the web and search for movie reviews or something. I wanted to give you guys who are reading, a summary of the movie
or a movie review or something.. but you know.. laziness got the better of me... >.> so yea, this pretty much wraps up for today.



Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Digital Dream

have you ever pause a few moments of your hectic life to think, what is it that you want to do in life? and sometimes, you do have an idea what you want to do, but then again.. was it what you REALLY wanted to do? well I certainly do have an interest for manga drawing, but I don't really know if I have a passion for it. I've been doing manga for almost 2 years. I've learnt many valuable experiences and improved quite a bit.

what I do want to really know is this the path that I really want. lately, I've been having these doubtful feelings, because between the age of 16-18 is a time where you make many mistakes. and I certainly don't want to regret many years later for doing something that I realised wasn't my real passion, but it was actually something else, it would be a big waste wouldn't it? I want things to go as perfect as possible (yes. I'm a perfectionist, shoot me if you will.), but sadly life is full of flaws, and there is a limit to everything. well.. I'll continue to search for answers, but till then, I'll remain stubborn and continue to stick with manga! >.<



Monday, December 25, 2006

Blood Champagne anyone?

its that time of the year again.. Christmas caroling on the streets, fancy Christmas decorations and how will Christmas be like without the fake Santas(s)! ( sorry kids.. XD ) well, its true anyways, when you're grown up, this sort of stuff would seem like.. hm.. how do I put it.. un-true.. but well Christmas isn't really about the gifts or Santa, to me.. its more about celebrating for the birth of Christ, but well I'm not about to change this post into some religious talk, it would be offending to some.

for this holiday season, well lets just say I'm not really hype about it.
sooo, i've been pretty much occupying myself with my PS2 and playing this really cool game I got recently, its called "Melty Blood: Act Cadenza", its actually originated from a group of fans who made a doujin game for this anime/manga called "Tsukihime". The amazing part is that the game caught the attention of game developers and TYPE-MOON themselves! that was when the game first hit the arcades, the demand for the game soon became higher, it was then further developed and sold in the Japan market for various platforms, like the PC, dreamcast and the PS2. Well, enough of my talking, here are some screenshots.

the people who made this game did a really good job, though doujin games converted over for platforms isn't a really uncommon thing in Japan anymore, but you gotta give them credit for making it this far! annnd! it shows that the manga artist there are really talented! >< ..if only Singapore had a bigger market for the manga industry.. sigh.. anyways, for those of you reading, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Cheers!~



Sunday, December 24, 2006

Curtain Raiser

hey guys! for those who read or seen my blog, uhh thanks for following up. for those who never.. well.. hm.. I hope you'll enjoy your stay! ^^

soo.. basically. this is my second blog, and I hope it will be my last. I pretty much hope I will settle down in this one, and I'll be posting and updating as much as I can, when I'm not so lazy that is.. >.>

annnd.. since this IS suppose to be a curtain raiser, I'm gonna keep the introduction short. sooo.. you guys just makes yourself at home ya? ^^;



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