Wednesday, May 16, 2007

silence is... golden?

right-o, its been a while since I did a real post, its been a little quiet around here. ironically this place is supposed to be quiet, since its called "Tranquil Sanctum".. =_= *figures...* the pass few days, or should I say weeks to be exact were the busy periods, mid-year exams was in place, so there wasn't much I could do but study, other than that, break time was devoted to 'Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion', its a cool game trust me. =p

actually I could have done this post at an earlier date, because after the last paper for mid year, there was this 2 days free from school due to allignment day and marking day, which was on a thursday and a friday, following by the weekends, making that a 4 days break! (how cool can this get! XD) Well, the reason for not doing this post is.. i was addicted to Oblivion, couldn't stop playing, the quests were too addictive, now that i think about it, that addiction is starting to scare me. D= so yea by the time I stopped playing the game, it would usually be around 12-1am? well, you can say, "why not do it after your game?", well.. thats because I hate doing my blog posts late in the night
for some reason which I myself do not know why. Secondly, what makes you think I have the energy to post something interesting after spending bout 8-9 hours on that game? o_0 (yup thats how long I played that game)

ok, so pushing the pointless ranting aside, I'll try to do a recollection of what has happened for the past few days. lets see.. Mr Ezal had his really cool wedding last saturday, it was grand in its own way, music themed wedding, great food, cool LCD TV (only those who went would know =p), it was totally awesome. It even came out on the malay newspapers the next day, forgot what its called. annd sunday was Mother's Day, had the usual annual celebration at my house for my grandmother and yea all of my aunts and of course I bought something for my mum. I'll post some pics on this post, if I have the time or even be bothered to. =/ I think this is about all the stuff that happened recently..

...or so says my mind, meh. =/

a tear for yesterday's memory,
a smile for tomorrow's way,
don't turn back..
switch off the lights,
listen closely to the silence,
take a deep breath,
cast away any lingering memories that haunt you,
down to the very depths of oblivion,
and charge on with an adrenaline rush.

once again another slipshot phrase, I'm getting lazier by the day. =p



Tuesday, May 01, 2007

- azure skies -

the skies of tomorrow won't be the same as yesterday's,
neither will time stop for this moment,
only fated to become a vague yet beautiful memory.
but unlike a memory,
hope drifts along the ever-changing skies,
in search of yesterday's azure skies.

so yup. this marks the end of my 7 days report. be back after the mid years are over, there are still a handful of papers left to go through. till then.



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