Saturday, March 31, 2007

DJ Max Portable 2 just got sexier!~

its 31st march today.. ..wait. how long have I not posted anything yet?! o_0 oh well.. =/ today was a smash! got a new game today, and my new handphone! finally! T_T the Motorola V3X was starting to kill me, the slow loading, the tendency of offing by itself, the problem that people have when hearing me over the phone. now all those nightmare-ish days are over, and now to say hello to my new Sony Ericsson Z610i. ahhh... it feels so much easier to use my phone now.~

and for today's spotlight! the long awaited and anticipated I've been waiting for what seem like ages finally arrived! DJ Max Portable 2 is out on the PSP! for you guys who aren't familiar with the DJ Max series, it was basically originated from an online rhythm game by Pentavision, and was then brought over to the PSP platform. and yes as what I've mentioned in my earlier post, this game has a whole new range of titles, be it R&B, modern rock, whatever genre, its probably in it. i've tried the game earlier, its nearly the same as the first DJ Max Portable, just that its even better now! let me start with the graphic wise, nobody can ever forget the flashy graphics that the game delivers when every beat hits, and the cool background cinematics when you play a particular song. well guess what? the graphics just got better! sexier graphics, cooler gears, flashier notes and cooler cinematics! XD as for gameplay, a whole new range of cool songs, be it fast or slow paced, getting used to it shouldn't be much of a problem, Pentavision good job! the cinematics once again matches every song, and every scene seem to synchronise with the music very well. theres also the all new "fever" mode when you're playing a song, its this bar in the middle of your game screen, as you hit every beat, the bar gradually builds up, when it hits a full bar, "fever" mode will be available, upon pressing the X button, with every note you hit, your combo hit does not go up by 1 but multiplied by 2! but for a limited time only. BUT! if you manage to get another fever bar filled within the X2 fever period, and press the X button again, every combo hit onwards will be multiplied by 3, and so on. if I'm not mistaken, the highest you can go is a X5 combo hit. this is definitely good news for fans of the games who are combo crazy! XD

now I'll explain the various modes that the games gotta offer! of course, theres always the single player which is basically the same, just that this time theres a few new additions, the whole new 5 button mode added in for the single player and "XTREME CHALLENGE" in this mode, you get to receive a whole bunch of mission, and completing missions will get ya rewards! now players have their own personnal profile, and oh? did I mention theres an addictive leveling system for your profile in this game, and now the only different thing in unlocking gears and notes now are that, even if u DID unlock the gear and notes, that doesn't mean ya own the
m. Theres this GOLD system now, whereby you collect money as u advance through the game, you have to pay GOLD to get your new gears or notes. after unlocking, buying and equiping a gear/note, it gives u a greater advantage. what I mean is that, every gear/note has its own stats advantage, for example, you get this particular gear, and it has a "GOLD +5%" stats, this means you earn 5% more of GOLD everytime you complete a song, cool isn't it? this makes things way more interesting and at the same time challenging. probably the greatest addition to DJ Max 2 , is the network feature, you can go head to head with your rhythm-crazed friends in this mode by using ad-hoc, multi-play is good!~ theres also "Link Disc" mode, where veteran players who have their DJ Max Portable with them, can enter the mode, remove the DJ Max 2 UMD and slot in back their DJ Max 1 and playback the old songs with DJ Max 2's graphics, gears and notes. this also allows players to get extra unlocks and items on their collection section in DJ Max 2, this gives player more reason to play both games at the same time, and not letting the older game sit in their dusty drawer and collect dust. =p completing this game in a mere month would really seem impossible to me cause theres just so many things to unlock, if I'm not wrong theres over 500 items to unlock this time, talk 'bout a ton of replay value! XD ok, this is mostly 'bout it, other than that, most of the game modes are the same. overall, this game is a big improvement from the previous one, its simply great and shouldn't be missed out by any PSP owners! I give a 9.8/10 for this one!



Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The power of the tablet!~

w00tz!~ its 11:55p.m over here now, and I just finished my very first digital inking for my artwork! yay!~ thanks to melcolm who lent me his WACOM Graphire, but I'm kinda jealous cause he got his new intuos 3 tablet! >=3 but oh well, gotta be contented with what i got now. haha, I sound like a newbie now, being excited over a small accomplishment. but I guess everyone has to start small, gotta press on! OSU!~

frankly speaking, I think this is one of the better drawings I have so far, and I'm quite proud 'bout it. although there is still a fair amount of proportion problems and stuff, still its my first step into digital art! gotta work more on my body and hand proportions, its soo difficult.. *yawn* I'm getting sleepy.. signing off.

pummeled by pressure,
held down by anxiety,
driven out of my sanity,
I'll remove this mask of facade,
and live life the best out of it.



Friday, March 09, 2007

Shirukens, Kunais, Katanas, anything I missed out?

yup, I'm back with another entry! after a long and tiring term, its finally the start of the school holidays! yay~ although its one week only, and there is a crap load of homework.. but hey, looking on the bright side, I finally get to rest a bit and prepare myself for next term. =D

today went rather well, I finally got my new Canon LiDE 70 scanner! muahaha! this means I'll not only be able to post up my artworks, but I'll also be able to start practicing digital art when I have the free time! whee!~ so for a start, heres my latest artwork, its my original artwork unlike the one in my previous post which was a copied art. Very big difference right? haha. its not as good as the previous one I drew, gotta stop copying and advance to the next level! >.< I feel so tired~ gonna head off for now. anyways, critics are welcome. ^^



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