Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Figure Mayhem!!!~

During my day off last week, headed to Chinatown area to search for Fatal Frame II & III (yea I'm desperately searching for that 2 games. @_@). So anyway, decided to drop by by China square, to search for the games there, sadly didn't find any of them, but I saw something more massive.. I'm a sucker when it comes to Chinatown, hardly go there and it was probably my first time in China Square. There were so many of these small shop booths setup and many items for sale. They got huge variety ranging from antiques to popular anime figurines. However what was more surprising is that most of these booths and shops put these popular Japanese figurines for sale and other toys and collectables.

I didn't know the trend was so big over here in Singapore, its like as if I entered a miniature Akihabara, haha. The whole place was crowded with people mostly either otakus or toy collectors, the whole place was like a flea market. I wouldn't say I wasn't tempted to buy a few for myself, but hey, I'm short of cash, so the only thing I could afford was walking around and looking at the figurines, cause you know.. its free. D=

Oh btw, did I mention that Ar Tonelico II came out recently in Japan (well at least I think so..), hope they do a english version for it. They got good artworks, not to mention the ladies too.. *.* Ah nearly forgot.. If I'm not wrong I think they are making an OAV anime ver. for this game. Maybe you guys can go watch when you're out of choices.

Ar Tonelico Trailer

Ar Tonelico II OP

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Saturday, January 12, 2008


2nd post of the day, haha. Anyway just like what the title states, I got this book few days back, I'm a hardcore FFVII fan so it was sorta like an impulse buy =p, plus they had a special DVD that had a whole lot of upcoming Square Enix game trailers and also Square Enix trailers that are already out in the market. They have profiles for all the FFVII characters and also the seiyūs who did the voice acting for the FFVII series, like the famous japanese singer,
Gackt. the biography and info in the book is all jap so its gives me more motivation to learn that language in time to come, haha. But for now, I know nuts 'bout the book content, they're probably loads of interviews with the game producers or overviews of the specific games that were mentioned in the book like It's a Wonderful World (すばらしきこのせかい - Subarashiki Kono Sekai).

In short , all S.E fans should get this book if you're into collecting their merchandises. It's a good buy. But if you're not, forget it. It cost quite a bit. It's about SGD $51.90.

here are some video contents in the special DVD:

Final Fantasy XIII (extended trailer)

Final Fantasy versus XIII (extended trailer)

Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete (Blu-Ray ver.)



New Year gift #01, Flu Virus. v -.- v

First of all a very happy belated new year to all you people out there. Currently I'm down with a flu, and throat infection. The throat infection lasted nearly 2 weeks already. @_@ So lemme summarize what happened. New years eve, got body aches high fever and throat infection, didn't see a doc' still went out anyway with Dennis and gang *serves me right.. =_=* Next day could hardly move a muscle, was dragging myself to the doc's place to get a medical cert. to excuse myself from work, it was the 1st of Jan, what a day to get sick.. =_= got better the next 2 days which were my off days, coolio~. and went back to work. During this week one of my colleagues was sick so i didnt gave much thought bout it even though i still had a minor coarse throat. At the end of the week, I'm back here at home bearly able to move, and forcing myself to type this post and to update my cobweb-ed blog. *gimme a yay man. -.-*

but I guess its all for the better, except the fact that tomorrow happens to also be my off-day. hium is gonna suffer managing the whole store alone. Sorry hium, if you're reading this blog, I owe ya dinner for that.^^

Oh yea.. forgot to mention, not working at the airport anymore, to be exact, I didn't even start in the first place. Don't get me started 'bout talking about that job experience. It sucks and thankfully I didn't experience it first hand. But still.. don't wanna talk 'bout it. I wouldn't want a 5 paragraph essay on that. @_@ Currently I'm working at Cold Storage somewhere in SG. The environment isnt that bad, neither are my superiors. well except maybe for one. >.> The only bad pt 'bout the store manager he loves us part timers going extreme overtime. It may sound good at first with all the bonus cash. but.. its gets boring and tiring after awhile. -.- I mean during the week of X'mas I worked 'bout near 60 hours on that week. Talk 'bout ouch man. We part timers work longer than full timers man. Its real tiring, especially when the same cycle has been ongoing for the past 1 month+. Well I seriously hope our manager cut us some slack at least before the Chinese New Year period knocks in, its round da' corner. anyway.. time to click off, I'll try to update soon enough. hardly got time and too tired to do anything after I get back from work. gotta go rest now, I've got a feeling I'm gonna get hell when I get back to work.


41 more days..


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