Saturday, August 18, 2007

- melancholy -

- clinging on to yesterday's desire for tomorrow,
the future was far too enticing to be ignored.
theories, scriptures, prophecies seemed all to well within reach,
but even at times, the facade within one's mind can be misleading,
even life has its own order..

the chains of time binds down the ideals of men,
men's knowledge over his own heart is limited,
in contrast to its boundless yet simple structure.

men are brazen covenanter of another's life,
once the covenant is broken,
the safeguard of pride shatters momentarily.

emotions embrace this foolery of men with its deceitful arms,
in possession of his ideals and dreams,
it changes the state of mind to a twisted form,
a horrid state that will cripple the heart with fear.

at the brink of dawn,
darkness hides within it's curtain of deceit,
whimpering within these hidden walls.
it's words of sorrow echoed through the whispers of an unheard breeze,
in search of it's acknowledgement from a benevolent maiden.

one of my darker poems that i have written so far, not even sure if it can be even be called a poem, sound like a bunch of emo ranting that came from my head and are mashed up together. bahhh... figured i should drop by and write something, since its been long since I've written anything here. life for me now... how do i put it.. =/ frankly, isn't at it's best right now, so yea, 'nuff said. heading off to study, wish me luck for the preliminary examinations.



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